What are the signs of urinary problems?

Urinary symptoms are any changes in your urine from the normal, including changes in how often you urinate, how urination feels, how well you are able to control your urination, the color of your urine, and whether you experience pain when you urinate.

Urinary symptoms can vary widely in both severity and underlying cause. Mild symptoms, such as the need to urinate often, can be normal, especially after drinking a lot of water, for example. More severe symptoms, such as blood in your urine or severe pain when you urinate, can also occur, and the underlying cause must be determined to treat the problem successfully and minimize complications.

The most common causes of urinary symptoms are drinking too much or too little, urinary tract infections, passing of kidney stones, changes in urine color, and problems controlling urination. Urinary symptoms can happen to anyone. Rarely, urinary symptoms can be due to serious causes, such as cancers of the urinary tract.

Seek immediate medical care (call 911) for urinary symptoms accompanied by high fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit), decreased urine output, inability to urinate, severe abdominal pain, or persistent vomiting. Seek prompt medical care if you have serious urinary symptoms, such as blood in your urine, or if you think you may be passing a kidney stone.

If your urinary symptoms are persistent or cause you concern, seek prompt medical care.


What other symptoms might occur with urinary symptoms?

Urinary symptoms may accompany other symptoms, which vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition. Changes in urination frequently occur with diseases or conditions of the kidneys or reproductive systems, for example.

Urinary symptoms that may occur along with urinary symptoms

Urinary symptoms may accompany other symptoms that affect the kidneys inclu... Read more about urinary symptomssymptoms


What causes urinary symptoms?

Urinary symptoms have a wide variety of causes. They can vary from mild changes in the frequency or color of urine to serious infections that can spread to the kidneys and be life threatening.

Pelvic causes of urinary symptoms

Urinary symptoms may be caused by a wide variety of conditions located in the pelvis including:

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