What are the signs of underarm problems?

Underarm symptoms include any symptom that appears under your arms or on the sides of your torso. Symptoms that may appear under your arms include bruising, skin changes, pain, a rash or itch, tingling or burning, or underarm lumps.

Underarm symptoms vary widely in severity and underlying cause. Because of the wide variety of possible causes, it is important to determine what is causing any underarm symptoms that last longer than a few days.

The causes of underarm symptoms can vary from infections, such as shingles, to swollen lymph nodes from an infection, to a cancerous tumor. The treatment and possible complications for any underarm symptoms depend on the cause of those symptoms.

Seek prompt medical care for any serious symptoms, including the appearance of painless lumps or nodules under your arms, a severely painful rash under your arms, or unexplained numbness or tingling under your arms.

If your underarm symptoms are persistent or cause you concern, seek prompt medical care.


What other symptoms might occur with underarm symptoms?

Underarm symptoms may accompany symptoms in other areas of the body, which vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition.... Read more about underarm symptomssymptoms


What causes underarm symptoms?

Underarm symptoms can be caused by a wide variety of conditions. Common causes of underarm symptoms include fungal infections and mild inflammation of the skin, because that area of the body is hot and moist. Other causes of underarm symptoms include head and neck injuries, shingles (herpes zoster virus infection), vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and serious conditions such as stroke.... Read more about underarm symptomscauses

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