What is an eyelid lump?

Eyelid lumps, also often referred to as eyelid bumps, are usually due to clogging or inflammation of oil glands located on the eyelid. These oil glands are located near margin of the eyelid at the base of the eyelashes, which is the usual spot for the formation of eyelid lumps.

Eyelid lumps may occur in anyone, although they are more prevalent among middle-aged adults, aged 30 to 50 years, than other age populations. The formation of the lumps may be due to naturally occurring blockage of the oil glands or may be related to a mild bacterial infection of the glands. Eyelid lumps may also be caused by a wide variety of skin lesions and less common underlying diseases, as well as primary cancer of the eyelids.

Some underlying conditions, such as viral infections, may lead to increased susceptibility of eyelid lumps. Additionally, eyelid lumps may slowly progress and recur.

Eyelid lumps typically resolve on their own after several days. You may be able to speed the resolution of eyelid lumps by applying a warm, damp cloth to the affected eyelid several times each day. You should never attempt to break open or pop an eyelid lump, as this may cause spreading of an underlying infection.

Although eyelid lumps typically resolve on their own, they occasionally persist and require surgical removal. Seek prompt medical care if your eyelid lumps are persistent, severe, affect your vision, or cause you concern. Seek immediate medical care (call 911) if you have sudden blurred vision, changes in vision, or loss of vision.


What other symptoms might occur with eyelid lumps?

Eyelid lumps may accompany other symptoms, which vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition.

Other eye or vision symptoms that may occur along with eyelid lumps

Eyelid lumps may accompany other symptoms affecting the eye or vision including:


What causes eyelid lumps?

Eyelid lumps are commonly caused by clogging or inflammation of the oil glands that are located near the base of the eyelashes. Inflammation of these oil glands may be caused by clogging of the oil ducts or by a bacterial infection within the gland. One way to reduce the possible occurrence of infection causing eyelid lumps is to thoroughly wash your hands before touching your eyes or surr... Read more about eyelid lumpcauses

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