What are eyeball spots?

The term eyeball spots generally refers to any discoloration on the surface of the eye that is visible to other people. It does not include spots that you sometimes see in your own vision, such as floaters, but only those spots that can be seen on the surface of your eye.

Eyeball spots may be caused by a wide variety of conditions or diseases, which may be serious or harmless. The spots themselves may appear in different colors, including brown, pink, red, white or yellow, depending on the underlying cause.

In most cases, the formation of eyeball spots is caused by simple, harmless events. For example, a powerful sneeze can break a tiny, superficial blood vessel and create a red spot. However, in some cases eyeball spots can indicate a serious underlying disease, including cancer or sight-threatening inflammation inside the eye. Seek immediate medical care if you have a loss of vision, changes in vision, sudden increase in the number and frequency of floating spots in your vision, or if you see flashing lights.

Seek prompt medical care if you develop eyeball spots, especially those that occur with no obvious cause.


What other symptoms might occur with eyeball spots?

Eyeball spots may accompany other symptoms, which vary depending on the underlying disease, disorder or condition.

Other eye or vision symptoms that may occur along with eyeball spots

Eyeball spots may accompany other symptoms affecting the eye or vision including:


What causes eyeball spots?

Eyeball spots can be caused by a number of conditions or diseases ranging from minor trauma to cancer. Because of the variety of underlying causes of eyeball spots and the similarity of many of the other symptoms associated with these underlying causes, you should consult your health care professional to determine the cause and get treatment if necessary for your eyeball spots.

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