What is a broken nose?

A broken nose is a fracture in the bone or cartilage of any part of the nose. A broken nose is usually the result of some type of trauma or blow to the face. A broken nose sometimes occurs together with other injuries to the face or neck. For this reason, individuals who sustain a broken nose need to be careful evaluation by a qualified health professional.

Anyone can break his or her nose, and it is a commonly seen injury in people who participate in contact sports. A broken nose may be apparent due to obvious deformity of the nose. It is important not to try to realign any deformity yourself after an injury.

A broken nose is one of the most common types of traumatic injuries and many cases heal without long-term or severe complications. However, a severe break can be serious, and surgery is sometimes required to repair the break and to return the nose to its original shape.

A broken nose is usually accompanied by bleeding, which can be difficult to stop. Failure to identify and promptly drain a pocket of blood (hematoma) that is inside the nasal septum after a broken nose can result in tissue damage and the need for extensive reconstructive surgery.

Seek immediate medical care (call 911) for serious symptoms, such as clear fluid continually leaking from a broken nose, a large amount of bleeding that will not stop, confusion, unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, or a neck injury.

Seek prompt medical care if you suspect a broken nose but you do not have serious symptoms.


What are the symptoms of a broken nose?

Symptoms of a broken nose include a bloody nose, pain in your nose, bruising in and around the nose, a crooked shape to your nose, and the swelling of your nose and the area around your nose.

More serious symptoms of a severe break can include leakage of cerebrospinal fluid if the fracture is extended into the ethmoid bone of the face. If the cartilage in the septum of the nose is d... Read more about broken nosesymptoms


What causes a broken nose?

A broken nose is almost always caused by some sort of impact to the face. Although your nose is flexible, a strong enough impact can tear the cartilage in your nose or fracture the bones in or around your nose. A football or basketball that hits you in the face with enough force can very easily break your nose. A broken nose can also result from a car accident or any other situation in which so... Read more about broken nosecauses


How is a broken nose treated?

A broken nose can be treated in several different ways depending on the location and severity of the break. Pain relievers are a part of almost all treatment plans, as pain occurs with almost all broken noses. Icing your broken nose and the surrounding area is also an important part of immediate treatment.

If the shape of your nose has been affected, surgery may be required to cor... Read more about broken nosetreatments

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